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A Canadian accountant using a calculator

Business Accounting Cycle―A Complete Breakdown

It’s no secret that many Canadian companies struggle to manage their financial records. As consumer behaviour quickly evolves globally, companies have to handle customers on online and physical platforms, which makes financial reporting a nightmare. It’s crucial to understand the accounting cycle to run a successful business. This process includes recording, classifying, and summarizing financial transactions to…

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Income tax was written on an envelope

Personal Tax in Canada: All You Need to Know

Did you know Canada’s tax to GDP ratio increased to 34.4% in 2020? This indicates that more Canadians are filing taxes and joining the tax bracket. Even though the number of taxpayers is increasing, many Canadians are still not a part of the tax system because they find it challenging to file taxes on their own.…

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Tax forms placed on the table

A Business’ Checklist for Tax Filing

Tax is a mandatory financial charge imposed by the government on all profit-driven businesses. The taxes paid by businesses are used to carry out state functions. All taxes are collected by the state’s revenue agencies and then processed accordingly. The criteria and amount of tax vary from business to business. Businesses with huge profit gains are…

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