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Accounting for the IT, Media & Communications industry is a specialist area that requires expertise and an understanding of the sector.

Tax Issues for IT, Media & Communications Businesses

Should I Incorporate My Business? Ask us.

Business Deductions for IT, Media & Communications Businesses

Tax deductible expenses include:

  • Home office and office expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Make travel deductible in a legal way.
  • Marketing/branding, e.g. to develop your brand logo when selling your own brand
  • Sponsored ads
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Telecommunications
  • Subcontracted help
  • Software licences
  • Accounting
Tax Planning for IT, Media & Communication Businesses
  • Dividend Vs. Salary consideration, ask us.
  • Payments to family members, ask us.
  • CRA and some provinces offer special tax credits for media companies, ask us if you are eligible.
  • Consider applying for Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Credits.

Accounting Issues for IT, Media & Communications Businesses

  • Open a separate business bank account to track income and expenses from the corporation
  • Open a website listing services you provide
  • Have a separate phone number for the business better to have more than one client, avoid private service business corporation
  • Own your tools (e.g. laptop, software)
  • Have a liability insurance
  • Negotiate with the contract provider to set your own schedule
  • A minor in business can own the company but can’t sign agreements, must be done in trust. Ask us.
  • Earning income from streaming services, need to report it the right way – ask us
  • Open HST account and help you get HST refund, even you are earning foreign income, ask us how.

Accounting Plus Testimonials

Accounting Plus Testimonials

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Xero Online Accounting Software

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Xero Online Accounting Software

Xero Key Features

  • Invoicing Made Easy
    Not only can you create professional recurring invoices in Xero, you can also keep track of when they are opened.
  • Value For Money
    Xero reduces your upfront business costs with free upgrades and access for an unlimited number of users all at an affordable monthly fee.
  • At-A-Glance Dashboard

    With just one click, you can see your bank balance, invoices, bills and expense claims, without having to log onto various websites.
  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation
    Xero imports and categorizes you latest bank, PayPal and credit card transactions so reconciliation is just one click away.

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